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-Troubles in the Corinthian Church
-Love is to be the defining quality of the follower of Jesus. -Review—”Love is Patient and Kind

I. Love does not Envy — To envy (jealous) is to have intense negative feelings over another persons achievements or success “

What does patience look like for us...
-Love accepts the wise judgment of God regarding our positions in life.
-Love serves those who we perceive as better off and those whom we perceive as worse off.
-Love sees someone who is popular, successful , beautiful, or talented, and is glad for them.

II. Love does not Boast— If envy is wanting what someone else has then Boasting is an attempt to make others envious of what we have. To Boast is to “heap praise on oneself; to behave as a braggart.”

The Corinthians Boasting—1:26-31; 3:21; 4:7; 5:6

What does kindness look like for us?
-Love prefers to focus more on others than self
-Love doesn’t flaunt accomplishments, but takes an interest in the accomplishments of others.
-Love is driven by the truth that all are equal, all are equally in need of Christ, and all we have is of God’s grace.

Conclusion—This is what LOVE DOES. This is the way Christ has LOVED us (Philippians 2:1-10). If you are a New Creation in Christ you have access to this kind of love through the Holy Spirit—Galatians 5:22-23.

If you are lacking in love, patience, kindness or are abounding in envy or boasting you need to repent, confess your sin to God and others, confess your need to God and others, study the Scriptures—the life of Christ.

Personal Projects—Memorize 1 Corinthians 13; Sit down with friends and family and discuss what envy and boasting look like in day to day life. Pray with each other as struggles become apparent.