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-“I am the greatest!”
-Review of boastfulness from last Sunday

I. Love is not arrogant

- Arrogance says it is better than others - It acts against others

Jesus stands as our example of superiority, yet humility in all that He did.
We become arrogant when we attribute our success to ourselves.
Arrogance looks at others with contempt and says we’re glad that we are not like them. It can lead to destruction when we put our thinking above God’s.

- Love seeks to lift others up
- Love remembers where our gifts come from - Love is content

II. Love is not rude (indecent) (unbecoming)

- Confusion and disorderliness does not exhibit love for one another
- We can forget to act with decency and holiness as God demands of His children

We can be damaged and lose faith when others act with indecency

- Love forgives others who have showed weakness
- Love helps others grow, mature in the character of Christ

Conclusion – Love takes ourselves out of the picture and gives room for God to show Himself. Then He can take the most humble of clay vessels and make us into a magnificent utensil for His glory, His honor, a reflection of His great love.