Jason Masten FamilyJason Masten is one of our deacons.  He is married to Heather, and they have four children.  The oldest is Alexa and she is attending Grad school through MSU.  Emma is their next daughter and she is currently living in Florida working and attending college classes online for a degree in writing.  Elijah is currently attending OTC.  Jada is a senior at Republic High School.

Jason came to know the Lord Jesus Christ when he was in the sixth grade:

"I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in the sixth grade. I was at an "Uncle Charlie rally" and prayed the prayer of salvation. I realized at that time there was nothing I could do to earn my salvation. It is only through the death and resurrections of Jesus where my sins are now forgiven. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus and believing in this, I am now part of the Family of God."

The Mastens came to Meadowview in 2013, after moving into the area from Nebraska, because of employment;

 "God had just brought us to a church family in Nebraska where the Gospel was preached. Through this family, we realized the need for a church family that is walking and preaching the Gospel daily. After looking at many churches in the area, we found Meadowview."

Jason attended Trinity College in Deerfield, Illinois, as well the University of Nebraska.  He is a project manager for a restoration company in the area.

Currently, the two passages that he is enjoying is Ex. 34:7-7, and Matt 11:29:

"Through these verses we hear from Yahweh and Jesus how they describe themselves. We need to keep, through Scripture, an accurate understanding of who our God is. It is too easy to apply humanly or worldly ideas to the God of creation."

He enjoys studying Scripture, and seeing Scripture in new ways. "I am continually amazed how the Holy Scripture is one continuous story about God and His love and redemption for us."

He also enjoys watching College Football, smoking meats, and just staying home spending time with my family.